BIRLOKI 2020, Smart Technology for people

BIRLOKI 2020, Smart Technology for people

With more than twenty years of experience in the world of design and architecture, urban and territorial planning, technological engineering and competitive Intelligence, as well as socioeconomic development and its advanced management, ‘Nerei Emotinal Intelligent’ launches its BIRLOKI 2020 system to the global market: a unique, attractive, useful and modular device that incorporates and offers different technologies, functionalities and services, encouraging interactive participation of the environment.

The ‘Birloki’ provides excellent added value in ‘Smart Cities’, congress palaces, conventions and exhibitions, fairgrounds, shopping centers, smart tourist destinations and other urban, as well as natural and industrial spaces in Europe, Asia and America.

¿What is Birloki?

It is an attractive smart device created by the architect Juan Sádaba and his team, which brings together different functions and services. Designed for both outdoor and indoor installation, it offers a modular design of simple lighting, information screens, electrical connections and reliable WiFi access, as well as a warning point for security and emergencies. It incorporates the advanced technologies of interactive communication, with sensors that provide data for analysis and manual or automated management, through Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

A Modular and Scalable System with multiple possibilities

This is the only system that thinks TODAY about the needs of TOMORROW; with a clear modular vocation that allows it to adapt to the circumstances of each environment,The BIRLOKI system consists of customizable and interchangeable elements with multiple possibilities:

birloki funcionalidades

Another of its main added values is the capacity to stimulate citizen participation and interaction, sharing information, concerns and opinions … It also allows us to know in real time all types of data which provides a very satisfying customer experience.

The possibilities of Birloki are unlimited, being able to incorporate current technologies and add future functions. All this integrated in the same attractive totem modular, scalable and customizable for each situation and environment.

Where can they be found?

The Birloki offers its towns and cities a closer experience to the environment, providing useful information and services for people. That is why it can be located in public spaces such as transport stations, emblematic and tourist sites, as well as in congress palaces, fairs, museums, cultural and sports centers, public administration and educational institutions.

The business world also takes benefits directly from the advantages of the Birloki system, placing these devices in corporate and industrial headquarters, shopping centers and at events. Ultimately, it gives you a modern and technologically advanced image adapted to the innovative spirit of each company.

Why choose the Birloki?

The work system is designed for agile implementation, management and updating of information, through a simple APP or an intuitive telematic interface that allows control from a simple device or, of a whole network of Birlokis that can be located anywhere in the world; wherever there is an electrical outlet and 3G, 4G, and even 5G coverage!

Nerei Emotional Intelligent, creator of Birloki, offers the possibility of acquiring these devices in property and, also through leasing, renting and other formulas that facilitate its customers to benefit from its multiple functions from day one.

In its development and manufacturing, Nerei has a specialized team of professionals in Technological Engineering, Business Intelligence, Big Data and Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Sensorization, Competitive Intelligence, Prospective and Advanced Management, as well as Design of Public Spaces, Participatory Urban Planning.

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Multiple possibilities

Informative television
Interactive touchscreen
Graphic leds and audio messages
Apps download
Gobo projection

User data
People/ vehicles monitoring
Environmental measurements
Heat maps
Acoustic traffic light

Tablets and mobile connections
Electric vehicle recharging
Security adn emergency warning
Safe point for appointments and meetings
Telephone booth