Nerei Emotional Intelligent

We come from twenty five years of experience in diverse fields: architecture, multi-sensory design, classical music, law, martial arts, urban planning,economics, product design, social sciences, university teaching. We won a lot of awards and traveled the world. We founded nerei and we are building it day by day based on what we learnt so far: that mistakes are more important than successes, that you need high level technical skills but that they are useless without empathy, that you build on your past a vision of the future, and that we can shape a better world through hard work, commitment, trust, and fun.

Combining all that, nerei designs new solutions for the Urban Space.

We provide consultancy on Urban Design and Social Innovation in the public space.

We are also architects and interior designers.

We design interactive urban furniture that we also manufacture and install worldwide through our partner companies of ner group.

We create emotional experiences and products for temporary and permanent installations.

nerei focuses its commitment on finding the best solutions for the public space involving three major aspects: an efficient and sustainable use of Information Technologies. A friendly and emotional Design. A bottom – up approach to the necessities of the Citizens.

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